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The world’s largest “products” search engines, eBay and Google, are the same when it comes to SEO

You have many choices when it comes to online marketing but they all have one thing in common and that's SEO... Search Engine Optimisation! If you want to be found on to two biggest product Search Engines in the world then you can't just make a website or an eBay store without fine attention to coding, key words, text, images and content.

To get high rankings on eBay your store must be optimised for eBay's algorithms and search parameters. This is not an easy task as eBay, like Google, is constantly updating it's algorithms & search parameters in order to provide the end user with the most efficient & enjoyable shopping experience. After many years experience we at eBay Solutions know exactly what eBay want and what the end user wants and so design your store and marketing strategy to take maximum advantage of this insider knowledge.

For more information about eBay SEO please phone our office on 07 5641 4469 or phone our eBay platform manager Rachelle Harvey on 0404 383 397 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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