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An eBay store front is where all of your eBay product listings are presented in a professional and well organised manner to promote quicker searches, emphasise your unique selling point and thus in-turn increases sales. eBay Solutions provides your business, organisation or charity with a bespoke eBay store design that is tailored to your specific needs to help maximise profits.

Poor store design and set up will not only cause your store to have low sales but it will also be penalised by eBay as they only wish to promote those stores that provide the highest standards in design, layout, coding and content. This is where eBay Solutions comes in as we have a close working relationship with eBay and it’s tech team and have many years experience in knowing exactly what eBay and their users want.

We set you up correctly and your store will feature cross selling, up selling, slideshows, store banners, newsletter sign ups, video upload, in store promotion and custom pages all to make your store look professional and to help buyers find your products fast and encourage them to purchase multiples.

We believe that your design should reflect your business, organisation or charity. A disorganised and poorly laid out eBay store will keep buyers away from your listings so we work closely with you to design a completely unique and professional store. Our main goal is to give your customers a professional shopping experience so they keep coming back time and time again. We accomplish this with our custom eBay tools and plugins for cross promotion and advanced search methods. When buyers can find exactly what they want within your store, why would they shop anywhere else? Stand out from your competition and effectively brand your company with the help and expertise of eBay Solutions and our expert eBay webmasters.

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