My focus is you

delivering exceptional customised
options to help you grow

Through my agency Ebay Solutions, I offer complete packages to help clients run a successful ebay business, including 1-on-1 coaching (you’ll find it hard to get this anywhere else in Australia), completely customised and optimised branded templates and store banners for a complete ebay store set up. I can also assist with back end settings, ebay SEO, keyword research, ebay optimisation, listings, website migration and syncing, inventory management and existing ebay store critiques (one of my most popular packages I offer).

As I have been working on ebay for many years I know and understand all the ebay algorithms, rules and guidelines, so I can help clients to set up their businesses correctly and ensure their ebay store ranking is as high it possibly can be, which in turn means more eyes on listings and more sales! Yay, who doesn’t love more sales?! By having myself set up everything for you, this alleviates the stress for you (or someone in your team) having to “learn” everything (who honestly has the time?) and then not to mention you could possibly set up everything incorrectly, which is detrimental to your business in so many ways. I save you time, money and your sanity!

I work with clients that have Shopify, WordPress and Woo-commerce sites, to help migrate their listings onto the ebay platform, this means you can have your website and ebay store (and Amazon Australia too) all synced up, and pulling from one inventory. No more painful stocktakes!!! So much easier right!?

I sincerely love setting up and coaching clients on everything to do with ebay. After 14 years living and breathing ebay, you can rest assured I can certainly assist you with all your ebay business needs and will do it to the best of my ability. Your ebay success is my happiness!