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With more than 100 million registered users, eBay now generates billions of dollars in annual sales. This means that your business can be generating hundreds of sales each week if you are able to take advantage of expertly managing your eBay store & listings by working in conjunction with an eBay consultant. The future of product sales is online with massive growth each year and more people using their mobile phone to make purchases and so this is where eBay comes in as the number one product sales portal in the world.

At eBay Solutions we teach business owners all the eBay insider knowledge to help their business succeed and grow online. Our coaching encompasses how to list goods for sale using one or more of eBay's sellers' options, how to increase interest in and promote your listings, take online payments, process and fulfil orders, automate up to 90% of your eBay business, how to gain market share and all the insider tips and strategies to sell on the eBay platform for maximum profit.


We also create 100% bespoke custom eBay stores and listing templates, we integrate all your social media and implement a strong marketing strategy so you can dominate in your current niche and blow your eBay competitors out of the water.

Rachelle Harvey is our leading eBay platform manager, with over 10 years of eBay experience and knowledge she can help you achieve your eBay business success.


Our Process is Simple

Custom Store Design

We create a 100% Bespoke business Branded eBay Store Design for your business

Template Design

We design a matching Listing Template to keep your store uniform

eBay Listings

Your listings are updated and / or uploaded

Store Launch

We create a custom branding design based on your specifications


We Coach You To Run Your eBay Store For Maximum Profit



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